DPos is the perfect POS for your restaurant

Simple and Easy order taking for restaurants.

In a busy restaurant with a buzzing kitchen one of the main goals of any business owner is to increase accuracy and speed while reducing costs. DPos allows serving staff to quickly take orders while cooks receive orders automatically at the correct area. DPos in your restaurant will allow you to:

  • Save time by printing orders to different parts of the kitchen
  • Manage each tables running orders
  • View and managing running bills
  • Easily apply discounts or fees such as corkage
  • Increase the speed of service by taking orders on a Windows tablet

Increase accuracy and speed up the order taking process while saving time in the kitchen with DPos. Send drink orders to the bar while salads are being sent to the cold area, burgers and hot meals to the grill or hot area. Calculate all orders for any table accurately and quickly.

Speed Up Your Restaurant or Cafe


Sending Orders to the kitchen is so easy with DPos

No more passing notes around the kitchen

With DPos, orders can be printed at the exact location they are needed. Salads are printed at the cold prep area while Burgers are printed at the grill area. Have a bar and don’t want to be passing order dockets around the restaurant or from person to person? No problem! Add another printer to DPos and the drinks are printed at the bar!

Manage Table Orders Quickly and Accurately

Easily Customise Table Layout

With the DPos Tables Module you can easily customise the table layout screen to suit your restaurants floor space, tables, benches and stools making it much easier for staff to know exactly which table is where. Simply drag and drop the table to the desired location. The hardest part is selecting the colour. The Tables Module allows multiple orders to be assigned to a single table, quickly and easily. How many times has a table ordered an extra drink and you’ve forgotten to add it to the order total? No more lost orders! Running bills are no problem as every order is quickly and easily saved to the table total. When the party is done close the table and DPos will quickly and easily calculate the exact total.

Speed up Order Taking with a Windows Table

Enjoy the freedom of a wireless POS

Your staff can roam around the restaurant floor and take orders right from the table with DPos on a Windows Tablet. Increase space on your benches, keep staff mobile and improve the quality of transactions. Click here for more information on Tablet Pos.