Pizza POS (Point of Sale)

Deliverit Software has more than 20 years experience developing point of sale software for the specific needs of the pizza industry. And all that experience comes together in DPos – The perfect Pizza Point of Sale (POS) software for any fast food business.

Having spent such a large amount of time specialising in pizza means we understand the in’s and out’s of pizza stores and all of the unique requirements pizza stores face.


Managing delivery orders, different delivery fee’s for different zones and managing delivery drivers and planing routes.

Half/Half orders

creating half/half orders and adding extra toppings to either half.

Deal Management

Create deals for a special sporting event or other occasions, or no occasion at all.


DPos is an order taking system that was born out of a pizza store. This sets us apart from the other POS systems in the market today. Being a pizza specialist POS means that DPos can handle all the irregularities that pizza stores face when order taking. These major factors are things such as taking and managing deliveries, Half/Half orders, modifying pizzas with additions and removals of ingredients, as well as pizza deals.