Orders anytime anywhere

Having a mobile/App ordering site enables your customers to order directly to your store at anytime. This allows your customers to order directly from home, the office or on the move. They can easily find your restaurant and select their preferred pickup or delivery time. Customers no longer need to wait in line or on hold on the phone. Less phone calls means more time for your staff to make great food.

Simple intuitive order screens

Being experts in food ordering we have designed a very simple and flexible ordering system that will suit any menu. Customers can customize their orders with ease. Making half half orders, deals and promo codes are all inbuilt into the system.

  • Unique & Clean

  • Responsive

  • G Fonts

  • Bootstrap

  • Flexible Layout

  • Trendy Design

  • Online Support

  • Online Support

Increase Your Customer Base

Our online ordering system has been designed using over 20 years of pizza hospitality experience. We know and understand the needs of pizza stores and their order taking process. Using this knowledge, we have been able to create smart ordering sites that can handle complex pizza orders, as well as making them simple for your customers to use.

Fully Integrated Pos

Have your mobile orders come into your store seamlessly using our DPos product. As a result, your staff don’t need to manage a separate printer, screen or fax to check mobile orders. Our smart technology will send the order directly to the spot it’s needed. Is your cooking area separated into different areas? ie. pizza out the front and pasta out the back? This is not a problem with our system, as it will send the menu items automatically to where they need to go. No more problems with staff misplacing dockets or not passing them through to the correct areas.