What is the history of Deliverit Software?

Deliverit Software was formed in Australia in 1994 to address the needs of the pizza delivery industry. At tDeliverithe time, there were no Australian system that met the needs of this growing industry. The original software program was DOS based and was used by more than 100 customers Australia wide. Since then, the program has been further developed and improved to run on Windows 7 and cater for the growing needs of the small restaurant/take-away food industries in today’s market. The latest improved software is called DPos, and is used by many food businesses in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and the United States.

What do I get for my start up fee?

If you have your own computer equipment, DPos can be installed and training provided. There is an ongoing monthly licence fee payable by direct debit for as long as you use the software. If your shop is in an area outside Victoria, extra travel costs may be incurred.

What if I do not have any equipment?

We are able to provide you with reliable equipment including touch screen, server, docket printer, and cash drawer, at very competitive prices. An installation fee is payable. The amount of the installation fee will depend on our travel expenses.

What is the monthly licence fee?

The licence fee allows use of our DPos software and access to our free software support service. The monthly licence fee is paid by direct debit.

How long do I have to pay licence fees?

You must pay licence fees as long as you are using our DPos software. Licence fees will stop on the 1st of the month following notice to us that you wish to cease use of DPos. The benefit to you is that you only pay if you are happy to use the DPos program.

How long does installation and training take?

We like to allow one day to install DPos, and provide training. On that day all computers are installed and menus configures, ready for DPos to work that night.

Are you able to install and support DPos in all states of Australia?

Yes. Our DPos system is being used by clients in each state of Australia, as well as New Zealand and Singapore, for their fast food businesses.

Do I have to pay for upgrades to the software?

No. Upgrades to the latest version of DPos are provided free of charge. We are constantly developing and improving our software to enable you to get the best out of your business.

Is there a fee to cancel my licence agreement?

No. As soon as we receive notification that you wish to cease using our DPos software, we will cancel the direct debit, and arrange for DPos to be disabled.

What are the benefits and features of DPos?

  • Free phone support
  • Flexibility to work in any take-away food shop
  • Fast system that is easy to use Low cost
  • Specials are easy to create
  • Numerous built-in reports
  • Easy driver balancing
  • Easy to alter menu items and prices
  • Training provided
  • Tracks drivers and takings
  • Tracks all labor
  • Stock module
  • Caller ID
  • Customer loyalty program
  • Web ordering
  • Integrated EFTPOS
  • Built for touch screens
  • Remote online support
  • Free upgrades provided
  • No hidden costs

Does DPos provide client satisfaction?

All our clients are extremely satisfied with DPos. Some have bought and sold businesses several times, and want to use our software for their new food premises. We are happy to refer you to any of our clients. Some of our clients have reported back to us that DPos has provided an increase in their turnover, improved the accuracy of their records, and the ability to take orders 50% faster.

What is the best thing about DPos?

The best thing about DPos is the simplicity and ease of use. DPos has been specifically designed for the small restaurant and take-away food industries, and made simple to make using and training easier.

What sort of support is provided for DPos?

We provide our clients free support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are also able to provide support through remote access, which enables us to provide support while you look on.

Are there any hidden costs with DPos?

There are no hidden costs with DPos, or fixed term agreements. There is only a monthly licence fee that is paid by direct debit.

Is your POS system only suitable for pizza shops?

No, our DPos software is used by many different types of restaurants and take-away food outlets including, Chinese, Thai and Indian restaurants, cafes, chicken shops.

Can DPos handle clients with more than one store?

Yes. DPos has the reporting functionality to enable you to keep track of sales from multiple sites.

Is Deliverit Software on your Bank Statement?

Have you ordered food online in the last few weeks? Deliverit Software provides an online ordering service for fast food delivery restaurants around Australia and facilitate credit card payments. If you would like to see a list of stores we service, please visit www.onlinefoodexpress.com.au