Delivery Driver Tracking

Working closely with our stores we found that one of the hardest parts of running a delivery business is managing your drivers. From this feedback we have developed our own driver tracking app. With this latest feature we enable you, the store owner to keep full control of managing your deliveries and your drivers. Our inbuilt map screen keeps track of all existing outstanding deliveries, late deliveries, orders that have been given to drivers and even where your current drivers are! Therefore keeping your delivery times to a minimum.

Moble Driver Tracking App

Track All Deliveries Within DPOS

Track all you deliveries from within your DPos (no additional hardware required) using our latest DPos Driver Tracking application available from iTunes and Google Play.

Phone Order Feed

Manage Upcoming Deliveries

Plan your next delivery with ease using the map locations to help prioratize each delivery. See which orders are running on time or closing in on the prom,ised delivery time. Be alerted when deliveries are running late.

Improve Driver's Performance And See Which Drivers Are Returning

Increase your driver's efficiency by keeping an eye on their delivery routes and current locations. No longer do you need to wonder where your drivers are.

One of the most important bit of information about your delivery drivers is when they will be back in the store ready to pick up the next order. The order and driver status is relayed back to DPos display maps at the store.