Easy To Use

At Deliverit Software we strive to make order taking as simple as possible. We understand that the typical staff member taking orders may not be great at using computers. This is why we have designed DPos to be very intuitive and easy to follow. Typically staff will be ready to take orders after 10 minutes of basic training. A cleverly designed ordering screen means that even taking more complex orders still remains simple using our system.

Order Taking

DPos utilises the latest technologies to streamline your ordering taking. These technologies include touch screens, scanners, customer display, online ordering and integrated caller ID. A fully customised menu touch screen is used to ensure your staff can create orders easily and efficiently with zero mistakes.

Pizza Specialist

DPos is an order taking system that was born out of a pizza store. This sets us apart from the other POS systems in the market today. Being a Pizza specialist POS means that DPos can handle all the irregularities that pizza stores face when order taking. These major factors are things such as taking and managing deliveries, Half/Half orders, modifying pizzas with additions and removals of ingredients, as well as pizza deals.

Delivery Maps

Being the leading POS in delivery management in Australia, we strive to keep abreast of the latest technology to help our stores manage and grow the delivery side of their business. Using the latest mapping technology, we enable stores to map out current deliveries, alerts for late deliveries, track drivers and balance payments at end of night.

Customer Database

Building your customer database has never been more easy than using our systems. Your customer data is saved automatically when customers place their orders with you. Building your customer database is key to tracking your stores growth and determining how successful your marketing campaigns will be. Our systems make it easy to find who your best customers are, how much they are spending, where they are located and what they are buying.

Integrated EFTPOS

Receiving EFTPOS payments has never been easier when using DPos. At the time your customers place their order and choose to pay via EFTPOS, DPos takes care of the rest of the transaction, with the order total being transmitted automatically to the hand unit. We also integrate with all the major banks as well as Australia’s ONLY independent EFTPOS provider – TYRO (www.tyro.com).

Staff Clock Ins

You can turn your POS computers into a staff clock in and out terminal with DPos integrated staff management. Staff members can use any PC to log-in when they start and end a shift, with simple reporting showing you the total hours worked for each staff member.

Caller ID

Using integrated callerID enables you to process your phone orders with ease. Automatically retrieving the phone number and contact details takes a lot of the fuss out of receiving phone orders. It also stops mistakes with the capturing of the customers details. Using this technology helps create a better customer experience for your customers when they are ordering over the phone.

Make Monitor

DPos can create a make line screen for your chefs to use to see incoming orders on the make monitors. This stops the need for the traditional paper docket following the order throughout the store, which means no more LOST dockets! Using different fonts and colours, our smart screens will help format your orders for the staff to follow simply.


With a sweep or built-in reports, DPos enables you to track and manage your store. From the daily breakdown of takings for totals in deliveries, pick ups, dine-in and take away orders, to specified time analysis for 15 minute interval breakdown of sales. Product reports can show you what is your best selling items at any date and time. You can also utilize our analysis reports to help find your best customers, or retrieve old lost customers. DPos will allow you to export your data simply, so those more creative store owners can create and design endless custom reports.

Xero Integration

Running your back office is now easier than ever. DPos now connects with Xero accounting seamlessly, sharing key data to help you reduce admin, save time and make informed business decisions every day. DPos can post your sales orders, break down of payment methods and sale categories back to Xero via batch daily totals, making reconciliation easier

Customer Facing Display Screen

Dpos is now integrated with Customer Display Screens.

Engage your customers and streamline checkout with a Customer Display System! DPos customer-facing screen is customizable and displays order details, fully integrated display is built to showcase imagery and messaging.